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Will my voice be used to train an AI?

5 Dec 2022 · Viktor Tohver Stridh

Your voice will not be used in any way outside the game title. The Artist's Terms and Conditions prohibit this. However, AI technology might be used within the game for several features and your voice might be manipulated by algorithms for voice morphing. That's part of game engines and sound design nowadays.

You clearly said in your first email that you won’t use my voice for TTS/AI but you offer that service to your clients – what’s up with that?

Artificially synthesized voices are still a great tool for prototyping for the developers – however, this is a completely different third party service that does not involve our roster of talents in any way (unless they were hired to do so by one of the third party companies).

What rights do I sign off on when accepting the mandatory buyout fee?

You give the game company a license to use your recorded voice however they wish within that one singular game project. You still own the rights outside the game title.

What can the clients do with my voice now that they’ve bought “the rights”? Can they do anything with it?

Within what’s expected of a game development project? Yes. They’re also able to use your voice in marketing material, but only if it’s from recorded footage of the game. They can’t use the recorded voice lines for anything outside of the project and its scope.