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How do I join Speechless?

5 Dec 2022 · Viktor Tohver Stridh

If you’ve got a great home studio, microphone, and previous experience as a voice talent with some acting chops, you’re a great fit for our platform.

How do I apply to become a talent in your roster?

Feel free to email us at info@speechless.games and introduce yourself. If you've got a website or demos, please attach them aswell!

Can I see a list of the talents on your platform?

No, since the platform is invite only. In addition, some of the great agencies we work with also prefer it that way.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?


What does the TOC say about AI training?

See “The Question of AI”-section of the FAQ.

I’m part of [union]. Will this be a problem?

If you’re part of Equity, there’s no problem at all. If you’re a part of another union, reach out to us and we’ll discuss how to go from there.

Can I delete my profile?

No – but we can unpublish you and remove all information not necessarily needed by law. Mail a request to your contact person or info@speechless.games. We’ll have it removed within 24 business hours.