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How do I set up my business profile?

7 Dec 2022 · Viktor Tohver Stridh

Entering business details is either a new, daunting experience or something you've done uncountable times before. In either case, a short run through won't hurt.

Seven text fields, each labeled what it should contain. The seven fields needed for a complete business profile.

Company details

In order for us to administer a payment to you after you have completed a job we need bank details to handle the money transfer and we need company details in order to generate a self billing invoice. A self billing invoice is just like an ordinary invoice except it is created by the client (us) in connection with the execution of the payment.

Field one and two: Name and Legal Name

The Name field is the short-hand for your business and will be used whenever your business is viewed on your profile, visible to us and you. Your businesses' legal name is how it's written up in legal documents , self billing, and so on, goes in the second field. Think of it as the difference between Blizzard (name) and Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (Legal name).

Field three: Invoice email

This is where we will send self billing invoices.

Field four and five: Address and Country

This is information we need to do proper accounting and it also informs us what details are relevant when writing up the self billing invoice details for you after a completed recording session. Remember, this is the legal address and residency of your business, not you as a person although it’s often the same.

Field six and seven: TAX ID and Payment details

Enter your TAX ID if you want this to appear on the self billing invoice we generate for you.

Payment details are used by us to be able to pay you. Put the details here as you would on your invoice for an international customer to secure that the customer can pay you. We only do bank transfer payments, e.g. no Paypal or other payment service that is not based on a traditional bank transfer.

If you've entered a country that's part of the EU you'll notice that you're asked for your VAT ID number as well. This is mandatory for all businesses within the EU as we need to report reversed VAT.

As always, if there are any additional questions feel free to contact your Speechless representative directly or info@speechless.games.