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Can I do this with my profile?

5 Dec 2022 · Viktor Tohver Stridh

Your profile is your first contact with a prospective client: managing it is key to make a good first impression.

I speak a language/an accent that isn’t available – what do I do?

Reach out to your contact person or info@speechless.games and we’ll add it as soon as we can!

Can I access my profile and add/remove files/entries after it’s been approved?

Yes! You’re always welcome to add/remove demos/tags/languages as you see fit.

Why do you want me to do the Example Scene readings?

It’s for a feature where you can pair two voice talents together to get a sneak peek at their chemistry working off one another.

Why is the Studio Quality Demo so important? Can’t they just listen to my demos?

The studio demo is your assurance of quality to the client – demos can be recorded anywhere, your Studio Quality Demo shall be recorded in your home studio with your current set-up. It’s great for the client to know what to expect when hiring you and also it serves as protection in those edge cases where there’s a dispute on the quality of a delivered file: if it’s in line with your Studio Quality Demo, the client can’t be surprised by the quality of delivery.

I’ve recorded the Studio Quality Demo in my DAW - is there a way to upload it directly?

Of course! Here's a short gif showing you how:

Gif image showing how to upload an already studio quality demo How to upload an already recorded audio file as a studio quality demo

Please note, however, that you'll need to allow the page to use your microphone before this option is available.

I’m very anti war, anti profanity (or any “theme”, really) and won’t record for a project that holds it as a central theme – do I have to record the test scene that depicts a war scenario?

No. In addition, just reach out to us and name scenarios and themes that you’re uncomfortable with and we’ll make a note for clients not to hire you for those jobs.

Can I decline a client?

Yes, of course.

Are there any repercussions in doing so?

There are no penalty systems on the platform for saying no to jobs.

Do I need a “valid”/strong/convincing reason to do so?

No – you can always decline a job without stating a reason.

I’m just generally confused – can I set up a video call with someone to explain everything to me?

Absolutely! Just reach out and we’ll set up a video meeting.