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What are your rates? How is payment set up?

5 Dec 2022 · Viktor Tohver Stridh

Knowing how, how much, and when you'll get paid is essential for taking on a job! Let's go through how we've set everything up and what you can expect from Speechless.

What are the rates?

We follow UK Equity rate recommendations and they vary depending on the client’s budget size. They come in three sizes: Micro, Indie and AAA. Micro is €210/hour, Indie is €240/hour and AAA is €360/hour. Additionally, there’s a buyout fee that’s added on top of your rate that is the same as the first hour. So for a AAA game that would be an additional €360 on top of the hourly rate.

For examples, please refer to this part of our site. https://speechless.games/pricing

Can I negotiate my rates to be higher? Or lower?

No – the rates are static. You can however choose to only accept higher rates and exclude micro/Indie. You are also always free to say no thanks to a job invitation.

Why are your rates like this?

Our price guidelines were set in collaboration with the British actor’s union Equity. We’ve made this decision based on our interest to fairly compensate our talent while staying competitive and not undercutting the industry as a whole.

Do you take a cut of my rate or is your cut added on top?

Our platform fee is added on top of the talent’s rate. For examples, please refer to this part of our site. https://speechless.games/pricing

How much do you charge for me creating a profile?

Creating a Speechless profile is free for talent and agents.

Is there a subscription fee?

There is no subscription fee.

Will there ever be a charge for creating a profile or a subscription fee?

No – not in any foreseeable future.

What payment methods are available right now?

We use self-billing and payments via bank transfer at the moment. We recommend talents outside the EU to start a WIse IBAN account in Brussels to avoid unnecessary fees. However, keep in mind that we’re always adding features to our platform and additional payment options are on their way.

When can I expect to be paid for a completed project?

After a recording session both the client and talent needs to confirm that 1) the recording session took place and 2) the talent has uploaded the audio file to our platform. When those two conditions are met the Self billing invoice will be sent within 48 hours. We then pay within 30 days from issuing the invoice. However, keep in mind that these conditions are subject to change when our platform has additional features that change the flow of delivery. Automated payouts (where available) will speed payments up when introduced.