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Can I use the generated TTS assets in my game?

5 Jun 2023 · Raoul Hamilton

All text-to-speech (TTS) generated on the platform can be used freely by users, both during the pre-production stage and for released titles.

Experience the Power of Generated Text-to-Speech (TTS) in Speechless

Speechless offers an extensive collection of diverse voices, encompassing different languages, accents, and personalities. Users can choose from a vast array of options to find the voice that best suits their project or target audience. Whether it's a professional, authoritative tone or a friendly and conversational style, Speechless has the perfect voice to bring your content to life.

Furthermore, the platform allows users to customize the generated speech by adjusting parameters such as pitch, speed, and emphasis. This level of control ensures that the voice perfectly aligns with the intended message and delivers an impactful auditory experience.

Speechless understands the importance of seamless integration and flexibility. That's why all TTS generated on the platform can be effortlessly incorporated into users' game titles.