Speechless, The voice-over platform for game developers

Speechless is a unique voice actor database and asset management tool for games. Manage game characters, lines, TTS, dialogues, casting, payments, agreements, and audio files – all in one place.
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Introducing Speechless

Quick setup

Create organised lines and scenes right in your browser, or simply import them directly from Excel. Whether you’re just starting or almost at the finish-line, Speechless is ready to help streamline and organise your project.

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Room to grow

Whether it’s one line, or a thousand lines, an Indie or AAA production, Speechless grows with your project and provides you with practical tools and overview-functions that help you stay organised and deliver on time.

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Prototype and iterate

Let’s try that again… Test your lines with our built-in AI voices until it’s just right. Our continuous audio-export provides seamless integration with your game-engine. Just test, listen, and iterate.

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Professional voice actors on demand

Casting has never been easier! Browse, select, and cast professional voice talents in multiple languages. And when you’re done, all agreements and payments are handled automatically.

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Record remotely

Aaaand action! Record in a pro studio or from a voice actor’s quality-assured home studio setup. Our built-in collaborative tools make remote recording a snap!

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Audio mastering

Export your files in any format. Speechless handles noise-reduction, processing, and loudness-optimisation for you.

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Make yourself at home! Book additional languages as your game grows and get translations and localised audio into your existing project.

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